Showcase - Electric Vehicle Batteries


The New Zealand roads have seen a rapid increase of electric vehicles with the country’s EV fleet more than doubling from 2017 to 2019.

To ensure European Motor Distributors, which import Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Porsche and Skoda, was prepared to meet the demand for electric vehicles it needed a storage solution which met safety requirements for storing EV batteries.     


Royal Wolf specially modified a 20-foot High Cube Open Side container so that it would be safe to store the 1.2m long and 750kg electric vehicle batteries inside.

The modifications included the installation of a steel floor, internal insulation and fire-resistant panels. Because EV batteries need to be stored at a temperature below 60 degrees Celsius the customisations were required to counter the heat throughout the summer months.


The customised container is located at European Motor Distributors branch in Mangere which has helped the team prepare for the growth of its EV fleet in New Zealand.

Warehouse and Distribution Manager, Richard Jones, says: “I have used Royal Wolf in the past and I knew they would be able to provide the necessary modifications for what was required. I went to them with the problem and they worked to come up with a solution which is not only safe but has easy access and looks good too.” 

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