Refrigeration Containers for Events/Shipping

Royal Wolf offers the latest in purpose built refrigeration units for the event, festival, retail or any market that requires onsite refrigeration.

Our refrigerated shipping containers for the events market are 20ft (6m) long and lined with food-grade stainless steel. The containers can be used to refrigerate or freeze foods and beverages, given their overall temperature range capabilities of between +20º C to -20º C. For maximum usability, the containers' interiors are fitted with efficient internal lighting and drainage systems.

These refrigerated units provide many new advantages and set a benchmark for the industry - precise temperature control, one of the lowest power consumption available in the market and state of the art Carrier technology, as well as the reliability and versatility that customers have come to expect from Royal Wolf.

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clock Precise temperature control
One of the lowest power consumption available
State of the art Carrier technology



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