Insulated Non-operating Refrigerated Containers

An insulated shipping container is a container designed to maintain a consistent internal temperature, protecting the contents from temperature fluctuations. When Royal Wolf refrigerated shipping containers become non-operational as cool-room or freezer solutions, we repurpose them as non-operating insulated shipping containers.

With 100mm of insulation, a stainless steel interior and a fluted aluminium floor, Insulated shipping containers are extremely strong and durable.  They are an excellent safe and secure storage solution for anything that requires storage in a moderately temperature controlled environment as the insulation will maintain a cooler and more consistent temperature.

Store your documents, furniture or wine in a non-operating refrigerated containers for greater protection from the elements and less exposure to heat.

For more information about our insulated container, call us on 1300 651 700.

100mm of insulation
Stainless steel interior
Fluted aluminium floor



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