Event Kiosks

With a Royal Wolf event kiosk, you can take your business to wherever your customers are - instead of waiting for them to come to you! Our shipping container kiosks are highly portable and can be hired short term for a single special event or for a longer term sales campaign, making these containers an ideal way to bring your retail operation, service or product launch to festivals, expos and other special events. Our kiosks are also popular for caterers and people who need to set up a mobile container bar, coffee shop or lounge.

Kiosks can also be utilised for non-profit ventures. Community service drives can be run out of a kiosk, for example. Alternatively, our containers can be fitted out with safety equipment and used for emergency services or as first aid stations at special events or worksites.

Let a Royal Wolf event kiosk help you take your business or service to the next level by providing all the portability you need to reach out to your customer base - wherever they may be!

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australia Highly portable
clock Short term or long term hire
Commercial grade flooring


All Royal Wolf shipping container kiosks come with lighting, power hook-ups, air conditioning and full length servery. The interiors feature commercial grade flooring and easy access is provided by roller doors in the 20ft size model. An exterior awning offers a shady covering to block out the sun or rain during events. Each unit can be individually painted to accommodate corporate signage. Safe, secure, durable and weatherproof, the event kiosk is available with flexible hire and sale options.

Royal Wolf can arrange delivery of the unit to your location and can even arrange multiple transport legs for situations where the kiosk is required at a series of events. It’s also possible to join multiple units together to create a larger retail or serving space, depending on your unique needs. The event kiosk can be utilised at expos and exhibitions as retail outlets to sell products or to facilitate services.

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