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Kookaburra Containers are able to provide a delivery service for your next shipping container hire or purchase.

Our expert team will assist in determining which delivery method is best suited to your site. The type of truck used for delivery is determined by a variety if aspects including your location, accessibility of the site and which product you have ordered.

Some standard delivery types are tilt tray, side loader, and hiab.

Tilt Tray Truck Delivery
This is a very common method of delivery that is efficient, readily available and reliable. The shipping container is loaded onto the tray of the truck at our depot. On your site, the driver slides the container off the tray at the designated drop point. It is critical that the direction of the doors (facing either towards the front or the back of the truck) is nominated before the delivery day.

Side Loader Truck Delivery
In this method, the truck carries heavy duty lifting equipment which lifts the container off the tray and gently drops it to the side of the truck. This approach can offer advantages when space is at a premium.

Hiab Delivery
If the drop point is a short distance away from either the rear or side of the closest position the truck can achieve, the hiab or crane truck allows the shipping container to be lifted off the tray. The crane extends out and over any barriers before easing the container down in its required location.

Please contact Kookaburra Containers to confirm delivery methods available in your area.